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Why the name Gum Leaf Counselling?

There are many considerations when choosing a name for a new business. Is the name already taken? What do I want to convey to people? How can I reflect my style and how I counsel, in the business name? What do the initials look like? What colours do I like?

As I was reflecting on what to call my counselling business, I was looking out of my window. I saw all the different trees growing by the river. I have seen these trees in all stages of life and death. I have seen them in times of drought and flood, ravaged by storms, older trees die and new ones take their place. I have seen them with very few leaves, and then after the rain, flourishing with fresh new leaves. I have seen them flowering, providing both food and shelter for insects and birds.

As I reflected on the picture out of my window, I thought about how much the trees mirror people's experiences in life.

So the name Gum Leaf Counselling came to be. GUM stands for Genuine, Understanding and Mindful, all values I hope to show the people I work with.

I want to help people to turn over a new leaf.

The saying "turning over a new leaf" has several meanings:

  • to alter your behaviour in a positive way

  • to start fresh

  • to change course

  • to start afresh

  • to change track

  • to rethink/remodel

  • to have second thoughts

So, by altering your thoughts, actions or behaviours, can have a big impact on how you experience life. It is my passion to journey with people as they "turn over a new leaf",

So why don't you book a consultation today and see what the other side of the leaf looks like?

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